This year was great at the Dancewithme Dance School:

-we built up a community
-we had lots of fun and became friends
-we already know which is our left or right shoulder:)
-we have learnt about the different dance styles
-we have improved our balance
-we are definitely stronger and we can dance longer

If you would like to join us do not hesitate, more fun is coming next year in 2018:

-Quarterly recitals, internal and external dance shows
-Deeper knowledge about the different dances
-Musicality and Dance History
-Free Dance parties for all kind of Social Dancing
-and so much more

Early bird subscription with 10% discount till the 15th of January.

For all age groups , more than 30 dance styles, find your own passion.(Ballroom,Social Dance, Latin dances, Argentine tango, International and folklore dances, Body fit, Dance aerobic)
Private and group classes with a certified professional dancer and dance teacher from Hungary, providing quality, knowledge and full time support all the way to your dancing goals and dreams.

For details, class types and subscription opportunities,send us your contact details to :
or visit our website:

We are waiting for you, be the member of a kind and open community.