There are many reasons why we should first know how our own body works.

First of all, it prevents injuries, which is essential if you think about the long term.

Many people just fall into a fitness or dance lesson and the great enthusiasm to follow the instructor eradicates all the awareness.

I understand it’s so fun to just dance and forget everything.

I understand how good it is to not pay attention to anything.

But everything has the consequence…….

In this short article, I would like to write about why it is worth doing a body awareness training before choosing any other group or individual movement classes.


Benefits of possessing basic body awareness:


-Prevents injuries

-You understand how your body parts are connected to each other

-You can easily follow the instructor

-You do not have to think about which is your right hand and then where to turn if it is a right turn

-During these lessons you will learn basic rhythms and different musical elements, so you will be in harmony with music

-You can get to know more than twenty different dance types and choose your favorite and you can further deepen your knowledge in local dance communities

-If you have mastered the basics and have obtained the necessary awareness, nothing will be difficult and you will be able to learn anything

-You are free to enjoy movement without shyness and idleness

-You can experience dancing in pairs and overcome your fears and doubts


How do I know all this?

I started dancing when I was six. Since then I have gained a lot of experience.

I’ve reached the point where I can dance with anyone, be it any dance style.

At Dancemoves classes I would like to share the secrets of this almost thirty years with you.

In addition, I would like to reinforce the local dance scene and would like to send as many dancers as possible to the local dancing communities.

Try to be free to move and dance. I can assure you is worth it.

I will be there and help you achieve your goals, whether it is the first step or the search for the right local dance school.

Come and Dance with me:)